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With the beginning of the age of mass media, Digital marketing services in Ludhiana has taken a huge leap. With the advent of the radio, television and subsequently internet, the marketing has acquired a huge platform from which it can manipulate a user more efficiently. Digital marketing is a form of marketing that used electronic devices and various digital technologies to communicate with the customer.

Digital marketing has been at play for decades, but with the coming of the internet, it has become tailor-made and more target-oriented. This kind of marketing can be categorized into two main branches: offline marketing and online marketing.

Offline Digital Marketing

Offline digital marketing has been present and running for more than a hundred years. With the development and enhancement of technologies, the offline component has received a further boost to its extend its limits. Since the invention of the radio and television, digit marketing has been prevalent in communicating with the mass through these media. Nowadays, there are various forms of digitalized offline marketing owing to the wide variety of communication devices. On top of regular commercials on radio and television, there are specific channels dedicated to market solely. In this kind of marketing, the target is generally a wide spectrum of audience. With the advent of mobile phones, phone marketing has become a popular trend. Marketing by calling a person over the phone or sending short message service falls under this category. Another type of digitalized offline marketing is through LED billboards. One can find LED billboards by the road sides and in malls and restaurants. These billboards are flexible as they can show multiple video advertisements often with audio effects. Such marketing as these do not require internet but still are very effective. These kinds of marketing, except phone marketing, are generally directed towards a large public and hence are usually versatile in their approach.

Online Digital Marketing

Online digital marketing is solely dependent on the internet and is generally target specific. This can be further broken down into eleven categories:

  1. Search engine optimisation- it is the method to increase the traffic to a website by elevating to the top of the search result use various methods of optimization and site restructure.
  2. Search engine marketing- this method uses paid advertisements to promote a website and increase its rank in the search result.
  3. Content marketing- this is the creation of cleverly written and high quality content to spread brand awareness and attract customers through non-promotional means.
  4. Social media marketing- as the name suggests, this type of marketing is promoted through social media. These are often engaging and educative in their approach.
  5. Paid search- also known as the pay-per-click advertisements, these feature in web pages and search engines and the advertiser pay only when his advertisement is clicked.
  6. Affiliate marketing- in this type of marketing the site receives a commission for hosting and promoting advertisements of another business.
  7. Email marketing- this kind of marketing is an efficient way to reach the customer, by mailing them promotional content, products and discounts.
  8. Marketing automation- it is the use of software to the various marketing campaign without much manual involvement.

There are various other types of online marketing methods which often tailor-makes the advertisements to suit its customers. Online marketing is on the rise with new strategies being used to refine the user experience.

Digital marketing services in Ludhiana is developing as the marketers are trying to understand the thought process of their customers better. It is growing with the penetration of social media and other kinds of media to the remote areas of the world. With its terrain on the increase, the marketers need a better understanding and improvised strategies to make the best out the fast digitalization of people’s lives.

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