Go4hosting Enters a Multi Cloud Environment with AWS Cloud, Alibaba, and Google

Multi cloud is the next big thing happening in the cloud computing sector and Go4hosting has already made big plans to leverage the power of this computing strategy to drive their business ahead. Go4hosting is one of the leading names in the hosting industry and known for their ability to keep pace with the changing environment in the hosting and IT environments. Their proactive strategies have helped them remain one-up on their competitors. They are now all set to establish a greater presence in the multi cloud environment with AWS Cloud, Alibaba, and Google.

Multi-Cloud is used for delivering multiple applications through numerous cloud providers. The key benefits of using the application are:

  • It can help businesses meet their unique requirements as the workload can be run through an application that can deliver quality results
  • They can achieve their objectives in a cost-effective manner.
  • It can help avoid the hassling vendor lock-in processes while businesses can maintain their latency
  • Businesses can achieve their diversification goals and redundancy needs

AWS Cloud, Alibaba, and Google are the three main players in the multi-cloud environment. It is therefore quite befitting that Go4hosting is aiming to collaborate with them to make a greater impact in the multi-cloud environment.

Alibaba, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, all offer a similar broad range of cloud computing services. Their services include basic infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities to application services and advanced analytics capabilities. Alibaba in particular is growing at a frantic pace. It has a solid presence across the gigantic Chinese market and is expanding into Europe and has local teams in the UK, Germany, France, and Dubai, the company’s key EMEA locations.

AWS runs multiple availability zones but in China, it is in collaboration with Chinese service providers, as China does not allow any foreign companies to operate in the cloud computing infrastructure locally. Microsoft and Google Cloud Platform too have a domineering presence across the Europe, Asia and other parts of the world.

It is apparent that developers find it comfortable working with these giants as they all have a number of similarities in terms of APIs and cloud behavior. Go4hosting is a big name on the hosting industry and will be able to bring more value to the table in any joint venture with these multi-cloud environment movers and shakers.

Go4hosting is focused on expanding their footprints in the multi-cloud business and have identified the best possible strategies to achieve their objectives. The premier cloud hosting service believes that by collaborating with proven experts in the multi-cloud environment, they can race ahead and become a leading independent player in the multi-cloud hosting business. By improving their product mix and by partnering with industry influencers, they can improve their business prospects and presence across the world’s leading markets.

There is a growing demand for multi-cloud applications among organizations because of the multiple benefits it offers.

It is important to choose experienced and expert service providers when it comes to multi-cloud environments as there are advanced technologies and complex processes involved. Some companies believe in having their in-house team that can be trained for handling such projects. However, this can prove to be a very time-consuming and extremely challenging task.

Go4hosting, with their powerful collaborations and partnerships with global leaders in multi-cloud applications, has attained a high level of expertise in this developing domain. They have the capability to deliver quality solutions that can help your organization create the ideal multi-cloud environment for optimizing benefits but at a very competitive price.

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