Growth of New Body Cells: Need for Proteins through Food Supplements

People have debated since the olden times over the best food to take during bodybuilding sessions. There is consensus on the need for extra nourishment but what kind exactly has always differed from gym to gym and instructor to instructor. To understand this, we need to know of what the muscle tissue is made.

Need for Proteins

Muscle, and indeed most of the body tissues, need protein for growth and  maintenance. The basic type of protein is the amino acid. Wasting of the muscle tissue occurs when you fail to eat enough food items containing the amino acids that your body needs. This leads to the slow breakdown of the body tissues, especially the muscle tissues.

When you begin to exercise, the need for proteins by way of food increases. It is important to take the lean mass gainer supplement when you are on an exercise regimen because the supplement provides energy along with the proteins needed for growth. This energy is vital because our body can store only a limited amount of energy. When we exercise, the stored energy gets depleted. And when we continue to exercise beyond this, the body breaks down the tissue of the body and converts it into energy.

What are Gainers?

That is alright in the normal course of events but when we continue to do it day after day, we wear the body down. Eating enough energy giving food items will help the body to keep up with the energy needs. Mass gainers help the body gain muscle. By contrast, the weight gainers help us put on weight. It has more carbohydrates and so most of it undergoes conversion into fat. If you want to grow your muscles, then you must use mass gainers.

You need an intake of 20 grams of whey protein immediately before your workout session. This helps you keep ahead of the nutrition and energy demand that begins as soon as you begin exercising. For a better result, add casein to the protein. Mix this with some slow-digesting carbohydrates such as whole grains. After you finish your workout, have some more protein in the form of an energy drink. This is the best mass gainer for lean body.

Growth at the DNA Level

The DNA contains the genetic code for everything in our body. So, the growth of the proteins begins at the DNA level. The amino acid chain combines to form proteins that form the muscles. So, it is important that we exercise and also important that we eat nutritious food. The shape of the proteins determine their function and they begin to work only when they attain the proper shape. This shape will occur when the 20 amino acids combine in the proper way during the growth phase.

Besides protein synthesis, the amino acids also help in the development of the brain. They form neurotransmitters that are the signalling molecules. By releasing these neurotransmitters, our brain also develops well. Triggering of new cell and tissue growth occurs due to the presence of a group of proteins called mTORC. If you do not eat enough amino acid containing food, then your body cells will stop growing.

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