How to Decide which 4K TV to Buy?

Choosing the best 4K TV is a tough decision with so many options available in the market at very competitive prices. However, if you have a decent budget then all TVs are probably extremely good making the decision yet again very difficult. Television screen technology has always been very competitive among various brands in the recent years with maturing from LED to the arrival of OLED and added to that is 4K ultra HD which just shows the level of sophistication of TV operating systems of various brands like Sony,  LG, Samsung, etc.

How to buy the best TV for you?

When thinking about TV, first and foremost think about the size of screen you can manage in your room and also whether your room is light or dark. There are various big flagship TVs available in the market, but if your room is comparatively small and not spacious enough, it would just feel suffocated. An old but still handy way to know what kind of size of screen you can fit is by dividing the size of screen you want by 6.42. The answer in feet by experts is how far away you should sit from the TV.

Another thing to keep in mind is the time when you buy. The best time to buy a TV is during holidays. High end TV sets like those of Sony see reduction of 20 to 40 percent in prices as compared to normal time. It is best to wait till holidays to buy the TV at a very comfortable price range.

There are a lot of specifications provided by the TV companies but these are mostly to confuse you. To buy the best of TV keep in consideration only those features and specifications which matters to you like Inputs and Weight/Dimensions.

Are 4K and HDR worth buying?

4K resolution also known as Ultra High Definition TV has four times as many pixels as standard 1080p resolution TVs. Even though this seems like a really great improvement but in reality it is very difficult to differentiate between the sharpness of 4K TV and a good old-fashioned HDTV. However, 4K technology is easy to manufacture and that is why there are various brands who are selling 4K TVs at an affordable price. These days many TVs- especially the giant brands- have 4K resolution, and 1080p and lower-resolution models are quickly becoming outdated. To conclude, all the best TV sets are 4K TVs with HDR nowadays.

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