How To Study For Class 10 CBSE Exam

The class 10 examination plays a vital role in building up a great academic portfolio. Students appearing for CBSE class 10th examination are very nervous and hence to ease the preparation, we are providing some tips for the students to prepare for their upcoming board examination.

Class 10th Science

Science is one of the major subjects in class 10 that help in shaping up the entire career. To get more knowledge, one must understand the subtopics of science which are physics, chemistry and biology.


  • To score good marks in class 10 physics, one must practise the numerical questions and must revise the concepts.
  • Note down the important formulas and equations of physics so that the students can refer to those formulas whenever they need especially during the exam preparation days.
  • Physics also has some questions which are based on direct formulas and theorems which can be memorized by revising thoroughly.


  • Chemistry is a scoring subject. It also takes lesser time to prepare as well. Students should prepare notes of important equations while studying the topics.
  • Students should understand the derivations of SCC, FCC, BCC, etc. These are among the most important topics of class 10th examinations.
  • Students should focus on learning the lab experiments as these will help them to perform better in the practical examinations. Although scoring high marks in practical examinations are very easy when compared to theory exams.


  • BIology is subject that teaches us about yourself, it is a subject that requires lot of diagrams so it is recommended to practice diagrams as much as you can.
  • Biology has many tough terminologies to remember, one can remember those by revising them again and again.


  • Make notes of all the formulas and try to memorise them by practising them on a regular basis.
  • Solve mathematics problems from NCERT class 10th mathematics book and you can also practice from other reference books like RD Sharma for Class 10 and you can also check RD Sharma class 10 solutions to know if you are attempting the questions in a correct manner or not.

Social Science:

  • Social Science is one of the scoring subjects in class 10th board examination.
  • History has facts and incidents that occurred in the past and are discovered by historians, the only way to score good marks in this subject is by memorising the date and name of the inventors.
  • Geography is an interesting subject because it teaches about soil, maps and land. One can score good marks in geography by practising problems based on longitudes and latitudes.
  • To score good marks in political science try to understand the topics by making notes simultaneously while you are reading the topic.

Study for your class 10th board examination using the above tips and tricks, follow your class lessons properly to cover your syllabus in a systematic manner. Go through your class notes after you come home from school, revise whatever is taught in the school, in case you don’t understand the topic clarify with your teacher next day.

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