Shopping Tips: Saving Money On Clothes Or Home Items


One must know how to spend less on clothes, which in turn reduces your household expenses. Some who despises every aspect of shopping, end up in more expenses.

This mall hopping and high prices dress there to lead me to shop online, which I can pursue at my very own comfort zone. But long back that time my budget was out of control, yet I had nothing to put on while I was out. As most retailers had their own size chart and rather than returning and paying the shipping charge, the dress got piled up.

  1. Freeze your pantyhose

This is really a nice way to strengthen the fibers in your stockings. Pack all your stickings in a plastic bag of water and freeze it overnight. Thaw them at room temperature. This helps in spoiling them and you can use them for the long term and saving your cost to buy a new pair. Stop Continue saving your money by freezing your stockings once every month, without water for one whole night.

  1. Discover your closet

Make it a habit of doing a closet inventory while you go shopping.  It hardly takes you a couple of hours but it saves a lot of money. You get a clear idea of what you have and what you need. While shopping and trying new things, you get a clear idea of how many shirts you owe and how many skirts you have. Whether you need the same shirt you have in your closet? Always carry a checklist what you owe, this way you will prevent yourself from buying things that you have, even if they are on sale and you can easily buy those online using Myntra Coupon Code with great deals.

  1. Try Thrift store

Thrift stores are known to sell used clothes at a greater discount. Many of these stores provide you with higher discounts on special weekdays! But make sure to take from a true thrift store rather than shopping from a vintage one. The main difference is, the real thrift stores sell gently or rare used dresses at higher discounts but vintage stores sell the trendier old dresses at higher markups.

  1. Go for out of season shopping

We all know the law of supply and demand and that goes well with shopping too! The best time to pile upon things when they are not in demand. People start taking pullovers and sweater when the temperature is too low. Smart shoppers will wait for the worst winter to cross over and scoop out an outfit at much lower price planning for the next. This goes for summer as well. Most of the coolers are high priced due to their demand in summer, plan beforehand for the next summer to come. Have them at high discount rates during the end of season sale!

  1. Stick to a color scheme and pattern

Try to know which color suits you the best and try to stick to your own fashion, that saves you with a lot of money. It’s really difficult to find a home and try your newly placed sweater just to make you look pale which you weren’t under the harsh showroom light. In college days my wardrobe was full of black of various patterns. But now my dresses are more colorful sticking to the 4-5 color scheme and mix and match every time I wear them.

  1. Take care of your clothes

If you have an idea that cleaning your dressed every time to wear them, then you have a completely wrong notion. That’s a waste of soap and efforts. When you get back home after work, change your dress, put them in a hanger, air it out for 2-3 hours and get them back to the closet. This way you preserve the fabrics for the long term. Also, remember rather than machine wash, go for gentle hand wash in cold water, this way they last for much longer days!

  1. Rent on occasions rather than getting a new one

Unless your calendar is blocked with occasions all year round and you are confident enough not to change your size, it of no mean to buy a new dress for every occasion. Nowadays you have numerous options to pay 1/10th of the cloth costing and wear for your special occasion. Neither you have to worry about changing your style statement, not gaining a few pounds before you wear them again. Additionally if you are looking for Ecommerce job then it could be best chance to try it.

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