The General Feelings When You Have Cancer During Pregnancy

When a cancer diagnosis is done, it makes you feel anxious and a disturbed lot. In a way, you are worried what the future holds in store as well.Oncology pregnancy medicine does provide some degree of relief but the mere fact that during pregnancy things do become a lot complicated.

Your first reaction would be to become shocked or numb. It is pretty hard for you to accept the fact that cancer along with pregnancy could happen at the same time. You are going to become angry and the feeling is why it happened to you. The thing that is going to be annoyance is that a healthy pregnancy has been taken away from you. There is going to be a degree of loss as it is a feeling of pregnancy that would have never stuck you till now coupled with the fact that emotional or physical change at this point of time is going to take a toll on your body as well.

It is pretty much on the expected lines that you are going to be anxious about your own health and that of the baby as well. Medicine for oncology while pregnant and how it is treated is going to provide you with a certain level of control. Along with the fact you are in a better position on how to take care of yourself at this juncture.

There is a wrong notion among certain women on whether they should be blamed or not. There is no need to feel remorse as you have not done any mistake at your own end. Does focus on taking care of yourself and as far as possible be kind to yourself? The whole idea is to get as much support as possible. Your family along with friends and the healthcare team is going to provide you with as much help as possible during this phase. In case if you are suffering from cancer do not hesitate to seek their support. At no point you should go on to turn a blind eye to their support. Half the job is done if the right kind of support is being provided during the course of pregnancy.

There is a strong chance that you might feel that you are not bonding with the baby as a major time of yours goes away in the treatment. But take note of the fact that women who do not have an illness also find it difficult to bond with their baby. So it is not a problem that reaches out to pregnancy along with cancer. No way has it pointed to the fact that there is not going to be a strong connection with the baby as well.

One of the most important things that you would need to do is to take care of your own health. There are numerous ways where you can focus on your pregnancy in spite of what is going around you as well.

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