TheOneSpy Review: Parental Control App

TheOneSpy is an advanced parental control app which is intended for parents to track the mobile phone activities of their children. It is a cross-platform app which is compatible with myriad of mobile phone and computer devices running multiple operating systems.

You can monitor Android mobile phones, iPhones, Windows computers and MAC computers using the high-tech parental control app. The price of the surveillance software varies with the operating system of the targeted device, selected package plan and subscription period.

How does Parental Control App Work?

The parental control app is needed to be installed on the Android mobile phone of your kids to track the data stored on the phone. After successful installation, the parental control app gets access to the phone data and uploads to the confidential online control panel of the app which can only be operated by parents. The monitored data includes messages, call logs, contacts, social media apps, photos and videos among other.

Main Features of the Parental Control Software

The cell phone spy app offers plenty of features to monitor and control the targeted mobile phone device remaining at any corner of the world. We have rounded up here the core features of the parental control app t let you understand how beneficial this app is for child monitoring.

Track Messages

The tracking software lets you access the messages of your children to make sure they do not converse with wrong people. The software creates an online backup of the incoming and outgoing text and multimedia messages to allow parents to read these messages anytime and from anywhere.

Call Tapping

The mobile phone surveillance app lets you listen to the phone calls of your children. It records all inward and outward phone calls to listen to the secretive phone calls of your kids through the online account.

Track Call Logs

The spyware app lets you track the call history of your kids’ phone. It lets you know from whom your kids received phone calls and to whom they made calls.

Track Social Messengers

Social media apps play a significant role in teen’s lives. The studies indicate that kids spend almost nine hours a day using social networking apps and messengers. The cell phone surveillance app tracks Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Skype, Line, Viber, IMO, WhatsApp, Telegram, Tumblr and many other widely used social messengers. You can track your kids’ social media chats, posts, photos, videos, audios, friend-list and followers-list to make sure they are using the social media securely and responsibly.

Track GPS Location

The surveillance software lets you track GPS location of your kids including the current and earlier locations. Also, you can mark multiple locations to be updated of your kid’s trips to marked locations.

Monitor Web History

The spyware app lets you supervise the internet activities of your children by tracking their internet browsing history. You can detect which websites were visited by your kids and at what time.

Track Media Files

The Android monitoring software lets you track the photos and videos stored on the mobile phone of your children. The spy software accesses the media files stored on the phone and lets you see and download these files through the control panel.

Monitor Surroundings

The surveillance app lets you monitor the offline activities of your kids by remotely operating the camera and microphone of the targeted device. By logging into the control panel of the parental control app, you can send command to the targeted phone to capture photos, make videos and record voices using the back and front cameras and microphone.


The Android spy app lets you record the real-time mobile phone activates of your kids. You can send a command to the monitored phone to capture the current activities or schedule the screenshots to capture upcoming events.

Manage Contacts

The spyware lets you monitor and manage the contact list of your kid’s targeted phone. You can add new contacts and delete the unwanted contacts without getting the device into possession.

The Bottom Line

The mobile phone parental control app lets you supervise the online and offline activities of your kids to protect them from the bullies, predators, offenders and scammers. You can monitor all the actions performed on and around the targeted Android and iPhone without breaking the bank.


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