Things to look for while enrolling your child in the best CBSE school in Faridkot

Education lights the candle in the darkness. Structured, formal training and education enlightens the people and sets them on the path of informed, rational decision making. The foundation is laid from the very beginning – from the elementary years of the child’s life. Therefore, as a parent, it becomes your responsibility to ensure the best education for your child.

While Punjab is seen as the land of art and culture, numerous educational institutions are emerging, one of the prime locations being Faridkot. Faridkot Division was established as the divisional headquarter at Faridkot which includes Faridkot, Bathinda and Mansa districts. Looking for an educational institution in the area can be a sound decision for your child’s future. While looking for the best CBSE school in Faridkot, consider the checklist below.


  • Distance – Choose a school in the vicinity of your home. Ensure that the child does not have to travel miles extra for the education he can get in a smaller radius. Traveling in the proximity of the house is viable for small children as long route journeys are tiring and can exhaust the child. Therefore, this might affect their performance in the school.

  • Environment – It is the vibe with which the child connects. The atmosphere of the place helps the parents and children determine where or not the place is a suitable for learning. Look for a place that has the apt teaching-learning environment. The primary determinant of this process can be how the child is encouraged to ask, and gain practical knowledge.

best CBSE school in Faridkot

  • Infrastructure – Look for the facilities that the school is offering. Modern day students are well versed not only with the theoretical knowledge but with the practical aspect for each domain. To give an exposure of application-based world, it is essential to have all the facilities available. Amenities like sports complex, technical labs, well-furnished, airy, well-lit classrooms, hostels etc. can help you decide a place for your child.

  • Reputation – Scan the track record of the school, from the ugliest to the best. It is good to know what you are putting your child through. Word of mouth is a significant influence, but it is recommended to increase your sample set. Ask for feedback from parents of children enrolled in different batches to get a timeline track record. Also, engage in conversation with parents of children from different field of interest and know how supportive is the school.

  • Student-Teacher Ratio – In a class of 50 students, not every student will have the attention of the instructor; and neither will it encourage the student to put forward his/her doubts. An ideal condition would be having a class strength of around 30 students, where the teacher can manage all the students, personally address the queries of all the students and encourage easy learning. Having known that there is a provision of personalised mentoring, the students feel open to put forward their doubts and get them answered.

  • Co-curricular – In today’s world, the competition in every sphere has become so immense that the world craves for all-rounders or multi-talented people. Be it higher education or corporate world, people with additional skill set are prefered over the rest. Therefore, it is a wise decision lay the foundation from the very beginning. Activities like music training, instrumental or vocal, dance forms, indoor and outdoor sports etc. are an excellent choice, to begin with.

  • Transportation – Apart from the fact that the school must be in the vicinity of the house, it is possible that you or your driver will not be available to pick and drop the child to the school regularly. Look for a school that provides to and fro transportation facility. Mode of transportation like the school bus, or a car that safely picks the child from the school and then drops them back to the guardian.

  • Safety – Security of the child is a major concern. Look for schools that are in good localities and are well-guarded. Look for schools that are fully gated without loopholes, entry and exit with cards, etc. It is crucial that the parent or guardian must be aware of where their child is. In case of half-day, the child must put forward the guardian’s consent.

Now that you know what to look for in the school, choose one wisely.

Do not forget to do your maths! Education is a life-long process, generally stretched over two decades. Plan your finances to ensure the future is well secured.

Mount Litera Zee School is ranked as the top CBSE school in Faridkot that ensures best in class education, environment and secure your child’s future.

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